Transit planning and grant administration in the Iowa City Urbanized Area is conducted by MPOJC for Coralville Transit, Iowa City Transit and University of Iowa CAMBUS. Coralville Transit and Iowa City Transit are municipal transit systems operated by the City of Coralville and the City of Iowa City, respectively. University of Iowa CAMBUS is an open-to-the-public transit system operated by the University of Iowa to serve University of Iowa facilities. Planning and programming activities are conducted by MPOJC for transit capital and operating grant programs of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and the Iowa Department of Transportation. These activities include:

  • Production of planning documents necessary to implement the federally mandated 3-C planning process.
  • Individual short- and long-range transit planning projects requested by MPOJC member agencies.
  • Planning and administration associated with state and federal grant applications.

The MPOJC Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is the annual programming document for transit operating and capital projects of Coralville Transit, Iowa City Transit and CAMBUS. It contains specific information regarding projects programmed for the following fiscal year, and generalized information on projects planned for the two succeeding fiscal years. MPOJC is Designated Recipient of FTA 5303 planning funds, which support transit planning activities in the annual MPOJC Transportation Planning Work Program.


Passenger Transportation Development Plan FY2015-2021
Transit Systems Performance Statistics FY2018


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