MPOJC’s planning for the arterial street system in the Iowa City Urbanized Area includes the corporate limits and long-range growth areas for the cities of Coralville, Iowa City, North Liberty, Tiffin, and University Heights; as well as certain streets under the jurisdiction of the University of Iowa Institutional Road System. Because arterial streets do not stop at the boundaries of the urbanized area, consideration is also given to ties with the rural arterial system in unincorporated areas of Johnson County. Many of these rural streets will eventually be included in the urbanized area arterial street system as annexations occur.

The objective of the arterial street plan is to identify deficiencies in the arterial street system and provide information necessary for public officials to make decisions regarding improvements. The arterial street plan is intended to provide a guide for the programming of capital improvements by the various local and state organizations responsible for arterial streets. Arterial street deficiency issues which cross municipal boundaries are coordinated by MPOJC, and solutions are developed to the satisfaction of all jurisdictions involved. Having arterial street planning coordinated by MPOJC ensures that there will be compatibility in arterial street improvements from one community to the next.

Capital improvements to arterial streets in the Iowa City Urbanized Area are not only a local concern. The Iowa Department of Transportation is responsible for the federal and state system of highways and expressways which are included in the Iowa City Urbanized Area arterial street system. These include major interstate highways, National Highway System routes, and portions of the State Primary Highway system. Jurisdiction over State Primary Highway extensions within municipalities is concurrent between the respective city and Iowa DOT.



Kent Ralston