The MPOJC receives approximately $3 million in Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG)  and approximately $150,000 in Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) funds annually to allocate to regional transportation projects. MPOJC entities and other stakeholders work cooperatively through committees and the Urbanized Area Policy Board, which includes elected officials from each MPOJC community, to make decisions regarding which transportation projects will receive funding.

Funding Allocation Process

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Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG) Program

Funds improvements to any roadway or bridge on the federal-aid system, transit capital projects, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, enhancement projects, environmental restoration, and the establishment of native species. Regional STBG funds are formula funds that are provided to MPOJC and programed by the Urbanized Area Policy Board using a competitive grant process.

Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP)

Funds enhancement activities that have a direct relationship to surface transportation facilities including: facilities for bicycles and pedestrians (including safety and education activities), landscaping and other scenic beautification, historic preservation, and the preservation of abandoned railway corridors for bicycle and pedestrian uses. Regional TAP funds are formula funds that are provided to MPOJC and programmed by the Urbanized Area Policy Board using a competitive grant process.

2021 Applications

Approximately $7,380,000 in STBG funding and $520,000 in TAP funding will be available for programming for FY2025-2026. These funds are formula funds that are provided to MPOJC and programed by the Urbanized Area Policy Board using a competitive grant process. Member entities submitted the projects noted below for consideration.

  1. Iowa City: Dodge Street Improvements: Proposed improvements generally include the complete reconstruction of Dodge St, including new pavement, water main, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and traffic signals. 
  2. Iowa City: Taft Avenue Reconstruction: Reconstruct as an urban cross-section with two lanes (one in each direction), on-street bicycle facilities, sidewalks on each side and public utility improvements.
  3. North Liberty: Ranshaw Way Reconstruction Phase 6: Reconstruct Ranshaw Way between Hawkeye Dr and Forevergreen Rd to include four vehicle travel lanes, turn lanes, a 5' wide sidewalk, a 10' wide trail, a pedestrian tunnel and landscaping.
  4. University Heights: Sunset Street Pavement Repair and Pedestrian Improvements: The project consists of replacing sections of deteriorating street panels, reconstructing curb ramps at three intersections to be ADA compliant, and replacement of storm sewer intakes adjacent to the repair work. 
  5. Coralville: Hwy 6 and Deer Creek Rd: Reconstruction of Hwy 6 from just west of the westerly Lowes entrance to I-80, reconstruction of Deer Creek Rd from Hwy 6 to Clear Creek bridge, and a future fourth leg. Four through lanes on Hwy 6 with dedicated left and right turn lanes at Deer Creek Rd. New traffic signals, roadway lighting, storm sewer, and Deer Creek Rd railroad crossing upgrades.
  6. Coralville: Heartland Drive from Commerce Drive to Jones Boulevard: This project consists of two through lanes and dedicated left and right turn lanes at Jones Blvd. Dedicated left and through/ right turn lanes will be maintained at Commerce Dr. New shared use path and roadway lighting.
  1. Iowa City: Hwy 6 Trail - Broadway Street to Fairmeadows Boulevard: Construction of a 10' trail adjacent to Hwy 6.
Map of 2021 Projects

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