MPOJC conducts metropolitan-wide bicycle and pedestrian planning. MPOJC works with local municipalities and the University of Iowa to coordinate bicycle and pedestrian planning, such as the locations of new crosswalks, bicycle parking areas, trail connections, and bicycle and pedestrian trails maps and plans. MPOJC staff also assists municipalities with transportation grant applications for state or federal funds.

MPOJC staffs and organizes the MPOJC Regional Trails and Bicycling Committee (RTBC), which includes members from each of the MPOJC entities, as well as area bike advocacy groups. The RTBC makes recommendations on metropolitan bicycle issues to the MPOJC Transportation Technical Advisory Committee. One popular program initiated by the RTBC is the Citizens Bicycling Concern Report, where the general public can report concerns with bikeways and trails, such as broken glass or other debris.

The MPOJC Board apportions funds for transportation-related projects, including trails and wide-sidewalk projects. 


Metro Bicycle Master Plan

Iowa City Metro Area Trails Map

Bicycle Parking Guide

3-D Metro Bikeways Map for Google Earth


Sarah Walz