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The Metro Area Bicycle Master Plan considers bicycling infrastructure, policies, and programs in the communities of Coralville, North Liberty, Tiffin, and University Heights as well as portions of unincorporated Johnson County. The vision for the plan is to make bicycling safer, easier, and more convenient for residents of all ages and abilities. The new plan coordinates with the Iowa City Bicycle Master Plan (adopted in 2017) and the Bikeway Plan for the University of Iowa. 

Metro Area Bicycle Master Plan

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Community Summaries


North Liberty


University Heights

Other Elements of a Bicycle Friendly Community

Six Building Blocks

The League of American Bicyclists identifies six “building blocks” that help to make a community friendly to bicyclists. The draft plan considers these elements in order to encourage a culture of bicycling, educate bicyclists and motorists, enforce rules of the road, evaluate progress in expanding bicycle use and safety, and ensure equity in our investments.

Review recommendations for each one of the “6 E’s”.

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Bicycle Ordinances

Bicycle ordinances provide a legal foundation for accommodating bicyclists and other active modes of transportation. As part of the planning process, staff have reviewed bicycle ordinance language from all five MPOJC communities to identify inconsistencies and opportunities for change that may help to make bicycling safer.

Review recommendations for changes to municipal ordinances that impact bicycling.

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Bicycle Parking

Adopting a minimum bicycle parking requirement for commercial and multi-family development for all communities was a goal of the 2009 Metro Bicycle Plan that remains unfulfilled. Bicycle parking is an essential element for promoting bicycling as a legitimate form of transportation. The lack of convenient bicycle parking presents an obstacle for bicyclists. Bike parking can also be good for business, providing a substitute for vehicle parking in high-demand areas and an option for employees who might otherwise occupy parking spaces needed by customers. The provision of appropriate bicycle parking also helps to ensure an orderly environment where bicycles do not block walking paths or building entrances or otherwise inhibit property maintenance such as snow removal or lawn mowing.

Iowa City remains the only MPO community that has an adopted minimum parking requirement as part of its development code. In fact, in some areas of the community bicycle parking can substitute for automobile parking. Iowa City will be further revising its standards in order to better serve long-term bicycle parking—parking for residents of multi-family units.

In all cases, bicycle parking should be provided on paved surfaces with adequate space so that locked bikes do not block pedestrian passage. Communities should provide clear guidance for appropriate rack selection and installation.

The Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP) provides a helpful guide for bicycle parking with sample policies for minimum parking standards and information on how to select and install racks, including spacing. 

Click HERE for Essentials of Bicycle Parking 
Click HERE for Bicycle Parking Guidelines

Other Resources

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