Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG) and Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) applications, submitted by member entities, are available for review and comment.

Approximately $7,380,000 in STBG and approximately $520,000 in TAP funding is available for programming for FY2025-2026. These funds are formula funds that are provided to MPOJC and programmed by the Urbanized Area Policy Board using a competitive grant process. This year, member entities submitted six STBG projects and one TAP project for consideration. The public is invited to review and comment on any of the projects.

For more information about the programs and to view the project applications, please visit: 

The MPOJC Urbanized Area Policy Board will consider the projects at their March 31st, 2021 meeting at 4:30 p.m.

Please send any comments or questions to Brad Neumann, Associate Transportation Planner, MPOJC, 410 E Washington Street, Iowa City, Iowa 52240; or by email at